BioEM2017 Participant Survey

1) Meeting location and facilities
2) BioEM2017 website (

c) Please rate the following for information quality, availability and completeness

3) Scientific organization
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Plenary 1: Epigenetics and EMF – current status of research
Plenary 2: mHealth – New horizons for prevention implementation and for research using mobile technology
Plenary 3: New challenges in tissue ablation clinical applications based on electroporation
Plenary 4: Current knowledge of biological effects above 6 GHz
Plenary 5: Bridging research disciplines and how EMF research can learn from other disciplines: the example of nanotechnology
Plenary 6: Optogenetics: involving light to control cells
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Tutorial 1: Bridging disciplines in an EMF project: ARIMMORA
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Workshop 1: Computational models for Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation
Workshop 2: 5G and IoT exposure: RF-EMF Exposure assessment and novel devices
Workshop 3: Utilities threshold initiative consortium – Experimental responses in humans exposed to high ELFs fields and impact on standards and guidelines
Workshop 4: Is the evaluated In Vivo exposure level in a reverberation chamber reliable?
4) To what degree were your expectations met for the following?
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I was informed about new scientific findings
I obtained more information about the studies from the presentations than from the written summaries
I had many interesting conversations with colleagues
I had a chance to maintain old and establish new networks
The time allocated for discussions during the sessions was adequate
5) BioEM2017 meeting